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New Dayang Shipbuilding delivers its first 59,990-ton domestic trade carrier



The first 59,990-ton domestic trade carrier produced by New Dayang Shipbuilding [Photo/]

A 59,990 deadweight ton bulk carrier used for domestic trade undertaken by New Dayang Shipbuilding Co, affiliated to SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, made its debut on May 23. It is the fifth ship to be delivered by the company this year, and was one of its priorities after work resumption.

The series of vessels is a new type of ship specially designed by New Dayang Shipbuilding for domestic customers. It makes the best use of the current limited ability of domestic trade ships to navigate rivers and is adaptable to river and sea environments, which saves logistics costs and speeds up the logistics cycle, bringing higher levels of profit all around.